Spread: Transmission
Charge, spread and take over your opponents' cells in the turn-based casual strategy board game Spread: Transmission! Assert your dominance across various unique islands. The game is not over until the last charge is captured, so flip the board with a single thought-out move.
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Turn-based Strategy

Take turns charging cells, taking over your opponents' cells and spreading your influence across the board. There are plenty of different ways you can enjoy Spread: Transmission.

Many places to visit

Explore the unique islands of Nyos. There are over 20 playable islands to choose from, each introducing their own gameplay concepts. And you are able to create and play on your own maps!
Lab icon

You make the rules

You can freely mix and experiment with the game modes at your disposal. Minor changes to the rules can greatly impact the strategy of the game.
Stack of boxes

Box Lab

In Box Lab, connections between cells occasionally get blocked by boxes. Your success depends on your foresight, don't depend on your luck and plan ahead!
Cells with different visibility

Fog Lab

Add even more strategy to the game with Fog Lab, hiding your cells from your opponents. Your visibility depends on the cells you control and you don't know what your opponent schemes from the shadows.
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More Labs...

We will reveal more game modes as we get closer to the release, so make sure to follow our socials to stay up to date!
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